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From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 24, 2003, 11:33
On Wednesday, December 24, 2003, at 09:22  AM, Mark J. Reed wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 02:20:54PM +0200, Steg Belsky wrote: >> Anyway, since the original message had some kind of question about >> conculture holidays, here i'll repost something i sent to ConCulture >> last Rokbeigalmki New Year, about half a year ago: > > Thanks! So what's ConCulture? Another mailing list?
Yup, but unlike this one (and like most of the 'workshop' lists) it's at Yahoogroups.
>> This year is somewhat interesting in that it's got 14 months. > > ! 14 lunations is over 413 days. That's a darn long year!
They're not all full lunar cycles, as you'll see farther down this email :) .
>> which includes Dzu"Fa"Ri > > What do the double-quotes signify?
That it's an abbreviation. Dzu"Fa"Ri is short for: ^Dzuwaurg^Dafal^Dari.hlao^Semoz-a "the Festival of the Widening of the Circle of the Sun" Before you ask ;) the ^ marks are the binders for the whole 'construct' compound; in the actual Rokbeigalmki alphabet, they're written over the first letter of each word in the compound. The abbreviation is made by taking the beginning of each word's *root* (that's why the |da|s are dropped) up until its first vowel, and stringing them together. Each vowel of the abbreviation, like the final vowel in construct compounds, is stressed, so this Dzu"Fa"Ri is pronounced /d(@)zu:Pa:ri:/, with bilabial fricative /P/ and tap/flap /r/.
>> month of the year (Jalág) before New Years Day and the first of the >> new >> year (Ghalúb) afterwards. The Ghalúb we are in now (Dzu"Fa"Ri is the >> 1st day of Ghalúb) is only about a week long, so when you count the >> months until next Dzu"Fa"Ri you find that there are 14 months. >> > Oh, I see. Dzu"Fa"Ri splits the lunation containing it into two > "months". > That should still only add one month, though, taking the total to 13; > does the 14-month count include the intercalated Yápleg, meaning that > common years have only 13 months? > -Mark
Exactly! Incidentally, right now we're coming up on the end of the 7th month, Bélihzar /bE:l1zar/. The months are: 1. Ghalúb /Galu:b/ 2. Gííyal /ga:jjal/ 3. Abí~r /abi::r/ 4. Rónewar /ro:nEwar/ 5. Dázoom /da:zUm/ (/U/ = rounded /1/, central high) 6. Méíyabat /me:jjabat/ 7. Bélihzar /bE:l1zar/ 8. Yihtáth /j1ta:T/ 9. Kéwu /kE:wu/ 10. Maanáúr /m&nO:r/ 11. Valnírva /valni:rva/ 12. Sháánih /S&:n1/ (i was born on the 13th of Sháánih, year -16) (13. Yápleg /ja:plEg/) 13. (14.) Jalág /dZala:g/ -Stephen (Steg) "Presumably, Sauron gave up carnal pleasures when he became an all-seeing eye at the top of a tower, but it’s hard to say for certain. Maybe he gets a kick out of the all-seeing bit." ~ alex ross, The New Yorker


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