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Re: the Most Consonants in a row?

From:轡虫 (kutsuwamushi) <snapping.dragon@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 14, 2005, 21:16
On 9/14/05, Rodlox R <rodlox@...> wrote:

> according to the page that came up when I clicked on that link above, > > _Nuxálk language > From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. > Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name._ > > thank you for the effort, though.
I had no trouble accessing it, so it's probably a problem with your browser. I can copy and paste, so here's to hoping it comes through: xɬp'χʷɬtɬpɬːskʷʦ' All of the sounds are obstruents, and Mithun's book reports that Bagemihl (whose work she's citing) claims there are no epenthetic vowels. The highest number of consonants in a row that I've made possible in a conlang is four, and that's enough for me. =) The structure of the most complex syllable possible is something like this: any fricative/affricate + any consonant + any consonant + j/w + vowel + any nasal or approximant I really like looking at more consonantic conlangs (I think they're more interesting), so if you're planning on using this information I look forward to seeing what you do. -- Kate Sherwood