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Re: the Most Consonants in a row?

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 14, 2005, 19:35
Chris Bates wrote at 2005-09-14 19:54:08 (+0100)
 > The word can be seen at:
 > Under the "Syllables" section, but if you don't have the right
 > fonts installed you might not see some of the symbols. And it can't
 > really easily be given in normal letters, since as far as I know
 > there's no standard orthography and some of the sounds aren't found
 > in English so it can't really easily be rendered using the standard
 > English values.

I think that _is_ the standard orthography.  If your browser can't
render it, the word (meaning "he had had in his possession a
bunchberry plant") is near the middle of page 5 of this document: Coola_handout.pdf

And I think I tried to approximate it in ascii for Trebor Jung once,
look for it in the archives.


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