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Exotic lg catalog

From:Hawksinger <hawksinger@...>
Date:Sunday, October 18, 1998, 2:24
I just thought I would mention that I recently received a catalog
from Lincom, a European company, which is selling a host of grammars,
dictionaries, etc. for languages you are not going to find at your
local books store.
Here is a sampler of the languages in no particular order,=20
Yogad, Songhay, Mandan, Cayuga, Itelmen, Nivkh, Abkhaz, Svan, Dogon,
Nyulnyul, Bare, Toba as well as a goodly number of the major languages.
Prices tend to be steep, but the books I have seen are by good scholars
and well done. =20
Their website is at this URL;
Snail mail address is;
Paul-Preus-Str. 25
D-80995 M=FCnchen
I of course have no financial interest in them whatsoever.  I wish
I did, maybe I could get a discount.
Brad Coon
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