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Re: New listserv, better unicode? (was Re: META five posts a day limit)

From:Stephen Mulraney <ataltane.conlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 29, 2005, 20:26
On 6/29/05, taliesin the storyteller <taliesin-conlang@...> wrote:> * Stephen
Mulraney said on 2005-06-29 21:22:06 +0200> > Incidently, I notice that the
listsev page was a new interface, and> > the interface seems to be a core part
of the listserv software> > itself (judging how the name of the interface is
given as just> > 'Listserv 14.4'). So presumeably the listserv software has
been> > given an upgrade - and my first though is 'is the eating of certain> >
unicode characters fixed?'. Can anyone recall which ones were> > eaten? Ones
encoded with 0xa0, something like that?> > Certainly worth testing, see
attached file.

Well, it works for me, at least in thunderbird. Viewing the attachment fromwithin
gmail in firefox, for me anyway, doesn't work, though.
But the question is: are any of those nice symbols ones that used to fail?IIRC,
many symbols came through alright (on a correctly configured system),but a
number did not.
So, some further tests:
First of all, your test repeated, this time in the message body (I don'tknow if that
might change anything...). If it doesn't come through, it'llshow (my, anyway)
gmail isn't passing it properly onto the listserv.
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Now.. Quoting Mark J. Reed from 7th of May '04:
> The listserv software used on, for whatever reason,> strips > the high bit off bytes in the decimal range 128-160, EVEN IF THEY> ARE > ENCODED AS QUOTED-PRINTABLE. Or base64. You send a message with,> say, > Cyrillic yeru, U+044B. It is UTF-8 encoded and then QP-encoded,> the result > being =D1=8B. The listserv software turns it into =D1=0B,> which is an > illegal UTF-8 sequence, so the list recipients get> gobbledygook.
So, let's try some Cyrillic with a yeru: Язык [ja-z-y-k]. Yitzik also mentioned somewhere that Georgian was mangled, so let'stry that: ხ 4334 10EE GEORGIAN LETTER XANჯ 4335 10EF GEORGIAN LETTER JHANჰ 4336 10F0 GEORGIAN LETTER HAE Now, let's see... [prob. my 5th post of the day - I don't think I've posted to or even readthe list for a few months..!] s.-- Work is of two kinds: first, altering the position of Stephen Mulraneymatter at or near the earth's surface relative to other matter; second, telling other people do so. -- Bertrand Russell


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