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saprutum dialect

From:Pavel A. da Mek <pavel.adamek@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 24, 2001, 12:16 says:

> There is no grammatical gender.
> we- (3rd person human) he, she, they; this, that, these, those; > ye- (3rd person animate) "he", "she", it, they; this, that etc.;
> The animate definitive
> If used with a noun denoting a human being the sense is derogatory
The saprutum-speaking comunity in Mekhtyland uses a dialect, where: - "ye" used for a human being is not derogatory - "we" is used only for male beings, - "#e" is used for female beings.
> Plural - ?admuwum (n.), ?adma?am [dial. ?admaham] (a.), ?admiyim (dg.)
In their dialect, the acc. pl. is "?adma#am".
> kalbu.#animum - a sheep-dog; > kalbu-#anmim - a sheep's dog (!) This would mean not a sheep-dog, > but a dog that belonged to or was associated with some particular > (unspecified) sheep (unlikely as that is) > Finally while kalbu-?admim is a person's dog, > kalbu.?adimum is a werwolf!!
They said that "kalbu.?adimum" is a dog trained to catch men, while a werwolf is "?admu.kalbum".
> -a perfect - implies completed action > -u imperfect - implies action in progress
I would prefer open vowel "a" for open (imperfect) action and closed vowel "u" for closed (perfect) action. Pavel