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All Praise the Fount of All Knowledge! was Re: Lighting Some Flames

From:Peter Clark <pc451@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 13, 2002, 14:21
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On Wednesday 13 March 2002 04:59 am, John Cowan wrote:
> Kala Tunu scripsit: > > but will there ever be any a nonconlanging > > public for conlangs? i doubt it. > > Well, I sort of constitute such a public. I mean, I'm a *really marginal* > conlanger: I made up a phonology once, and I've played around with my > own engelang, though even there I stole most of its ideas from other > people, and I wrote a book documenting an engelang that I had > absolutely nothing to do with inventing and have only written a few > pieces in. > > But y'all seem to tolerate me around here anyway.
That's simple; you are the lists's Living Google, the Master of Knowledge, the Poccessor of Arcane Trivia! Why, without you, this list would quickly degenerate into Apathy and Despair. Conlanger 1: What do you want to talk about today? Conlanger 2: I don't know, how 'bout them left-handed Lithuanians? Conlanger 1: Oh! Don't get me started! Conlanger 3: I can't stand them! Conlanger 4: I bet they pick their nose in public! Conlanger 5: How rude! Conlanger 2: Yeah. Conlanger 1: Yeah. Conlanger 3: This sucks. Conlanger 4: This isn't interesting. Conlanger 5: Who will give me my fix of Arcane Trivia? All: Woe is us! So you see, you, like the proverbial Dutch boy with his finger in the dike (please, I know that this is an impossibility; the all you Dutch folk can go back to your tulips), you keep the barbarism outside the Conlang gates at bay with your quick links to obscure web sites and detailed commentary on fifth-century religious practices of the Picts! Don't you realize that half the questions asked here are really meant for you? "Hmm--I'm stumped! I must go up to Delphi and ask the Conlang Oracle for his wisdom! Oh, yeah, and if anyone else has something to contribute, maybe I'll listen to you, too." All said in good humor to add to the already high noise level of the list, :Peter P.S. My apologies to any left-handed Lithuanians on the list. ;> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (GNU/Linux) Comment: For info see iD8DBQE8j2AtevbW9GDdlVARAn+7AKCntLJNqifU3wjeLiRfBUxNgeYBkACgt5bj RfxFRckRxwzQ8oVOUDWWq3U= =bHXi -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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