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Con-Romance &/a (was: laterals (was: Pharingials,/l/ vs. /r/ in Southeast Asia)

From:David Barrow <davidab@...>
Date:Friday, February 13, 2004, 19:12
Roger Mills wrote:

>Yitzik wrote: > > > >>John Cowan eskribiw: >> >><<Well, in some dialects of Spanish [&] is the allophone of /a/ used >>in >>closed syllables, [a] in open ones. This can become a phonemic >>distinction >>where syllable-final /s/ drops: la casa /lakasa/ vs. las casas >>/l&kas&/. >>And this happens precisely in Andalusia.>> >> >> >> >And as I understand it, -s loss also creates open varieties of /e, o/ > [E, >O]. It stems of course from the common change of -s > -h (> 0). I >wonder-- does the Andalusian change only affect -s# {plural}? It seems to be >a relatively recent (within the past 50 years?) development, AFAIK. What >about -sC- within a word--- "basta" for ex.?? >
I don't know about Andalusian, but it does happen in some accents as this humorous take on Spanish spelling reform shows Even with the s dropping VsC is not the same as VC David Barrow