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Difficult language ideas

From:Leigh Richards <palomaverde@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 19, 2006, 14:13
Hi all, I'm Leigh. I've lurked for a while, but I haven't posted before.
I've toyed with a few conlangs over the years, and now I'm brainstorming on
a language for a conworld of mine.

Design goals:
1. As unambiguous as possible, especially in full sentences; it's easy to
clarify any ambiguities.
2. Hard to learn, and easy to say the wrong thing. Small and subtle changes
have a large impact on the meaning, and it's unpredictable in that guessing
something new from what you already know will rarely work.

It is a status language of sorts and effectively a conlang itself, so it
isn't meant to be simple or naturalistic. It can change, but it takes a
concerted effort by the speakers because outside forces keep it from
changing otherwise.

I don't know a lot about the normal languages of the area, but I think
they'll be similar to the Andean languages.

I have a few ideas, but my knowledge of linguistics is fairly limited. So
I'd like your input.

Suggestions? Things to include? Things to avoid?



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