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Re: LWII: Return of the Euroclones (fi: Indika)

From:Nikhil Sinha <nsinha_in@...>
Date:Thursday, June 12, 2003, 5:51
Thanks for your message. But, Indika is not an auxlang. I made it regular,
because unlike most people I like regular languages. Here is the evolution
of the name Nihilosc:
Nihilosc (c pronounced 'ts')
I really did not know about the name Nihil Sum and Narbonosc.

Well, I do not know HTML. On my computer also, the dictionaries take quite a
long time to load.

I have made a blunder on all my pages, writing Nihilosc-Indika dictionary
instead of Nihilosc-English dictionary. Wonder how many of you noticed it.
Will correct the mistake tomorrow evening.

<-> Jan van Steenbergen likis:

> --- Nikhil Sinha skrzypszy: > > > After all these discussions, does Indika qualify to be a euroclone?
Visit my
> > site again, > > Ah, I see you have redone your pages. Beautiful work! Although it takes me
> awful lot of time to load the dictionary pages, probably because Frontpage > generates quite a lot of useless code. Perhaps you could consider to
> them at some point? > (Look who is talking. Until recently, my pages were Word-generated! But it
> true, HTML is not difficult at all, and quite fun actually) > > No, in my opinion Indika is not a euroclone. Its vocabulary is not
> enough for that. It remains a difficult language to classify though, with
> similarity to Esperanto. Tell me: is Indika really intended as a language
> international communication? Or did you just pick any of the common
> that constructed language have in order to justify the fun of creating a > language? If the latter is the case, then I would abandon the idea of
> regularity. To my taste (and I am not alone in that) irregularities are
> spice that give a language its special flavour. > Based on what I have seen, Indika looks like a charming language, and it > definitely has the potential of becoming a nice, quasi-natural language. > > > New features have been added for Nihilosc and the site has been revised
> > formatted. > > Funny language. I would like to see more text samples of it (and of Indika
> BTW). > One of our list members (Mike Ellis) formerly used the pseudonym "Nihil
> while another of our list member (Christophe Grandsire) has a conlang
> "Narbonosc". Nothing strange that the name "Nihilosc" looks vaguely
> ;)) . > > Jan > > ===== > "Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones > > __________________________________________________ > Yahoo! Plus - For a better Internet experience >