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Re: Really Intersistemal (was: INTERSYSTEMAL CONLANG)

From:Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Thursday, July 4, 2002, 5:44
On Wednesday, July 3, 2002, at 06:13 , J Y S Czhang wrote:

> In a message dated 07/02/2002 10.51.13 PM, ray.brown@FREEUK.COM quotes Jan > van Steenbergen & writes: > >>> Now, I realize that IAL discussions are to be avoided, and I definitely >>> don't want to be expelled to AUXLANG. All I can say, is that I hope this > reply >>> remained within the boundaries of the acceptable... >> >> I think so - and I don't want to be expelled - certainly not to Auxlang! >> (Bin there; dun that; got the scars) > > Me, too!!! > Been there and back... out ::shudder:: tho' I did have fun causing > trouble between the Esperantists, the Interlinguists, the Glosa-types and > various other IAL dogmatics
{snip} Alas, 'tis easier to do that than falling off a log :-)
> BTW, I called my trouble-making "lingua fracas" ;) My brand of > lingua-manglin' humour was not at all appreciated in > UberAllesAuxlang-land :(
:-D :-D :-D Diolch yn fawr! Muchas gratias! Molte grazie! Merci beaucoup! Thanks, Hanuman. After the interminable admin that accompanies the end of the academic year, and the *long* tedious meetings of the past few days, I opened my mail this evening feeling tired & jaded. Your mail was the tonic I needed! Ray.