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*sigh* I should do some conlanging again, too. (was Re: Changes)

From:Paul Bennett <paul.w.bennett@...>
Date:Friday, December 7, 2007, 11:37
On 12/6/07, Henrik Theiling <theiling@...> wrote:
> > *sigh* I should do some conlanging again, too. >
Bah, me too. I've been having ideas, but not really doing anything with them. Terzemian is probably going to lose all case marking except for Ergative and Absolutive. The derivation system feels like it's got some work coming up on it, too. Uinliska has started drifting towards a more Algonquian verb system, and nouns definitely need some kind of work. I managed to find a copy of Pimsleur's Ojibwe course, which I'm working through whenever I get a chance. I suspect it'll help greatly to have a "working understanding" to use to help me understand what few grammar tables I can find online. Paul