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OT: yeah RiGHT :P~! (was Re: The pitfall of Chinese/Mandarin)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Friday, December 7, 2001, 0:23
In a message dated 06.12.2001 01:19:59 PM, suchengzhong@YAHOO.COM.AU writes:

>During recent days, I have said too much drawback of >English. Yet it is still many prblem of tone >languages. <SNiP> An >extreme example is that all the three words 'he, she, >it'in mandarin sound like 'ta' with the same tone, >that no one can distinguish them from speech. I >believe the best solution is borrow the English word >'he' and 'she' directly.
::mocking giggles:: I can't freakin' believe this utter crap! If he wasn't so "sincere" I 'd swear he was joking...
><SNiP> They have never been adopt by chinese >phonology.
::wry grin:: Thank the Dark Gods of Chaos for small lil mercies... ::hopin' & prayin' the same Gods drop a big one on someone's cracked head... or at least his 'puter:: <SNiP>
>I believe that an >international language shall never be invented by a >single person, it need hard work for linguists arround >the world.
> Or we may say every language has to >contribute the so called international language some >thing, step by step. The target may be 1, learning >less knowing more. 2, having the fast thinking speed. >3. the best copy for all cultures.
eh? "best copy for all cultures"? WHAT THE FRIKKIN BLOODY BLUE BLAZES YOU YABBERING ABOUT??? Most AuxLang fanatics like Zhong are ignorantly blind to the cultural diversity of the world much less the linguistic diversity. LMAO ack ack ::smoker's cough:: Scholar-Wannabe Zhong, you are an absurdly hilarious embarassment to the Chinese people (well, with about 1 billion-plus Chinese, I guess there hasta be a "few hundred thousand" in the very shallowest end of the gene pool... where is the freekin' chlorine???) Doctor Zhangster's diagnosis: This fruitloop has a serious case of AuxLang authoritarianism disease. It's so bad that it is terminal. czHANg, lookin for a means to block this humanoid-waste-of-time&space's emails from this point forward (AOL is not very adaptable in this regard, so I might hafta just do it manually...)


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