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Re: CHAT: ...y'know

From:Eric Christopherson <raccoon@...>
Date:Friday, July 2, 1999, 19:34
On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, Joe Mondello wrote:
> Steg sram: > > << I've always heard this as "*was* like", with "be" in past tense - i.e. > "so she was like, 'hey, get away from me!' so i was like, > 'what-ever'...". >> > > The same thing is true on Long island. it may be a regional thing.
In Wisconsin at least, and I thing in other areas of the US, it's pretty common in colloquial speech to narrate events in the present tense, particularly if the events were recent, such as on the same day. I often hear people say things like "So I say, .... And then he says, ...." Interestingly, people also sometimes use "says" for the first person. "So I says, ... and then she says...." I guess that can apply to "like" or "all" too. -- Eric Christopherson