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Language naming (again)

From:Daniel Andreasson <noldo@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 26, 1999, 20:53
Hi all!

I couldn't find the old thread about this, and I just wanted to add one =
thing, so I'll just start a new one.

I just read (in "The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language" which y'all =
probably already have read, but anyway) that many Australian aboriginal =
languages are named "this" in their respective languages. Like: "What =
language do you speak?" "This." (Examples: Dhuwal, Dhay'yi, Nhangu)

This has been mentioned before, but what the hey. It's just so funny =
that I have to bring it up again. The names of other tribes' langs are =
often called things like "enemy" (Tapuya), "people" (Carib) and "forest =
tribes" (Macu).
Although my favourite is "chichimecatl" (lang name "Chichimeca") which =
means "lineage of dogs" :D

Well, that's all.

/ Daniel Andreasson

PS. My uni (Stockholm) doesn't have "Describing Morphosyntax" and they =
won't order it either. :~(