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CHAT: Celts/Celtic (was Re: Country Related: Christmas)

From:Eric Christopherson <eric@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 23, 1998, 17:29
Raymond A. Brown wrote:
> > At 7:11 pm -0600 22/12/98, Eric Christopherson wrote: > >When did the new year fall before Christianity came to Britain? I > >thought it was Halloween, but maybe that was just the Celts, or maybe > >I'm just wrong :D > > Couldn't be Halloween before Christianity came, since that is the eve of a > Christian festival: Hallowmas or 'All Saints'. Of course the strictly > correct answer is 1st Jan. since Britain was using the Roman calendar well > before Christianity arrived here.
> But what the Celts did before the Romans came is AFAIK not known, tho there > are many theories. The festivals of Beltane and Samaine (spelling varies,
Of course, by 'Halloween' I meant Samhain :)
> >(BTW, did anyone ever think "Celtics" is a stupid name for a sports > >team? It should be "Celts" if anything :D ) > > Celtic [sEltIK] without the final -s - the word is an adjective. The > Protestant Glaswegian team has a plural noun: Rangers - the Catholic team > is Glasgow Celtic.
Actually, I was refering to the Boston Celtics. I wasn't aware that there was a Glasgow Celtic team. I find it interesting there are separate Catholic and Protestant teams.
> When we talk of the Celts then the 'c' is always hard: Celts [kElts], > Celtic [kEltic].
Hmmm... why is the Glasgow team pronounced with /s/?