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Re: CHAT: Smokes was Re: CHAT: postcodes

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 24, 2002, 16:10
Jan van Steenbergen wrote:
(Padraic Brown wrote):
>> When they're ready, I can recommend an excellent >> otolaryngology surgeon.
I'll keep that in mind........
> >Oh dear! I am quite a heavy smoker myself. Mostly French tobacco, sometimes
>cigar and rarely a pipe. Am I the only one here? >On the other hand, I (almost) don't drink, except for huge amounts of milk
Hi ho! Cough cough! A fellow addict. (Also as regards coffee and milk-- and I do like a cocktail or two before dinner, and wine with.) And as Mark Twain said, "Stopping smoking is easy-- I've done it hundreds of times." At a party recently, there was a hard-core of 5 smokers (out of 40 or so people); it was outdoors, so no-one really complained. With the onset of winter, it becomes a problem for us. One of the reasons my sister refuses to leave Florida (which she dislikes) is that restaurants often have outdoor tables, where one can smoke.
>It could be a nice subject for a poll. After all, if beardedness can be an >item, why not smoking?
I suspect a poll ought be differentiate between Americans and Europeans; it's my impression that you-all haven't become quite as publicly paranoid about the matter as we have.


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