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TECH: software for recording your voice

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Monday, June 28, 1999, 18:40
Irina Rempt-Drijfhout wrote:

> Only if you have made a melody, like Sally :-)
I've made a melody, and I've even put it to music; it now has two stanzas, because it's a Teonaht translation of the first and last versions of the Translation relay (i.e., Valdyan and Demuan--notably more bouncy and folkmusic-y than your haunting version, Irina!) However, I am extremely hesitant to record it and load it, as even the short Amo Ro Hsera is about 400 k! As big as my city picture, which I need software to reduce (my own software is pitifully deficient). My tech question is one I posed to Herman Miller weeks and weeks ago (how he records his work with such byteful economy), and he directed me to some sites that I've since lost with my recent Netscape Crash. Basically: what is the best equipment to record my own material, and what is the best equipment needed to hear other people's "midi" files? I have RealPlayer, which I downloaded in Fall 1998, but it didn't come with software that allows me to make my own recordings. I was forced to use the old recording equipment that came with Windows98 but it makes painfully large .wav files. What's the difference between a .ra file and a .wav file? Do I have any control over this extension? Why is it that RealPlayer won't let me listen to a "midi" file? I can never hear any of Boudewijn's recordings, but I was able to listen to and enjoy Irina's lovely voice. (you have a softer, higher pitched singing voice than I imagined, Irina! Are you a soprano? I'm an alto, and for some reason I imagined you to be as well!) I think Herman Miller directed me to RealProducer G2, as a free download (the Plus and the Pro are 149 and 499 dollars respectively !!!!). What will this do for me? Will I be able to hear MIDI files? More pertinent: will it allow me to record with the best economy, so those of you with RealAudio or Player don't have to wait five minutes to hear a sixty second song? If I get RealProducer, should I download a more updated version of RealPlayer Plus again? I paid thirty something dollars for it, so it annoys me when I can't hear MIDI files with it. Sorry to bother the list with this question again, but I'm very cautious about downloading anything before I know what I'm getting into. I've also been very reluctant to follow through on computer suggestions to "modify" my software so that I can hear the MIDI files. I always answer "cancel." Has anybody else modified their software to hear Boudewijn's files? What happens? I'm afraid of a computer explosion that will ruin my visit with my mother this week. An admittedly timid reaction, but there it is. Thanks in advance, electrophobically yours, Sally