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Week 15 Exercise

From:John L. Leland <countsirjehan@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 29, 2003, 14:16
Week 15 Exercise

1. Cats enjoy eating cream.
*Difaboba-fe tefama go-mi givajo.
Smallhuntanimal topmilk eat-ing enjoy/like.
Note: for a liquid, "mo-mi" drinking" would be usual rather than "go-mi"

2. This cat is thin, so he must not have eaten much of any thing,much less
Se difabofa hega-i, se kere bivefa he *fuha wigo-mi *fuhe tefama.
This cat thin, this from he(animal) not much was eating, much less cream.

3. I promise to care for the cat from now until the end of the world.
Zewa-ke naha-ye hevewa-de seba difabofa-deke *chekijo-gi *jovuvaro.
Now-from world-of end-to I cat-for care-to promise.

4. Ragnarok interrupted my oath.
Hevewa seba-ye jovuvaroha *wilehejo.
   Endtime my promise interrupted.

5. Lightning flashes brightly, not waiting for the previous bolt to stop
before the next one crashes down.
Taliha fugelu *zelo, *we-i taliha hevejowa-de *ve-i ha he *wehejomiwa-we
Lightning brightly flashes, previous lightning stoptime-to next thing not
waiting-before crashdown.

6. Thunder sounds in unison with the lightning.
*Tahla taliha-fe *byfeha-me *hlajo.
Thunder lightning-with unity-in sounds.

7.There is no shelter from the terrible storms and earthquakes.
Fugehi *fimara-fe ge *naveha-fe-ke he *kitaha.
Very bad bigwaterwind-s and earthmoves-from no shelter.

8. Ancient buildings are ruined by the warring deities.
Fugewi basa-fe *hitema-fe ge wobo-mi tiva-fe-je *hunejo-si.
Very old house-s badoverwater-s and fighting gods-by badlylowmade-are.

9. Environmentalists lodge a protest with the gods regarding the destruction
of the planet.
*Nahakibaka-fe tiva-fe-be naha-ye hejoha-che *pevaroha nu ko.
Earthlovers (m/f) gods-to earth-of destruction-about speakagainstthing humbly
NOTE: Rihana-ye custom dictates use of humble forms towards the gods, even
when protesting.

10. In spite, Loki and Thor rip the world to tiny pieces.
      Hekiva-me, Pativa ge Tahlativa naha fugedi diha-fe-de hefejo.
Note: Rihana is predominantly tritheistic, with the Mangod,
Womangod and Childgod, but there are folk traditions of minor nature gods
and a firegod or thundergod would be possible, though they were unknown
before this.

11. Odin, responding to the environmentalists'pleas, regenerates the universe.
Nahakibaka-fe-ye nuvaroha-fe-de wevaro-mi, Tivaba *finaha *wezejo.
Earthlovers-of-pleas-to answering, Mangod bigworld pastnowmade.
Here "Odin" is represented by the patriarchal god Tivaba, one of the three
great gods.


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