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Tech Gender (and finally, what does Tech mean?)

From:Daniel A. Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 4, 2000, 7:03
Hey hey, things are falling into place real well.  Now the name Techia/Tech
has real meaning: it comes from the word _t'eqme_ 'to crown, anoint one's
head', so the name is something like 'crowned ones' or 'anointed ones'.  So
the exact pronunciation of the nation is [t'Eqiy@] or [t'eXiy@]

Now I got over a hundred roots; some are verbs and some are nouns.  And many
of these noun roots (and verbal nouns) can be any gender; femininity is
marked with -t (before vowel on next word)/-h (end of clause)/zero + initial
spirantization (before consonant on next word).  Neuter is marked with -n
(before vowel on next word and at end of clause)/zero + initial nasalization
(before consonant on word).  Masculine would have a zero ending, or maybe -s
 > -h.

Then there are specific gender words like _?edin_ 'father', _?ema_ 'mother',
and common personal names such as _m&ry@am_ 'Mary', _tOmA:_ 'Thomas'.

Gender isn't just what distinguishes female from male, and both from neuter;
there is a true meaning to gender.  Masculine usually indicates initiator or
the 'sower of seed'; feminine marks completor or 'the grower of seed' (i.e.
the earth).  Neuter is typically the end product: the 'seed' itself.

That's all I got now... any comments?

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