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Relays, links 4+5 (note: both rings included)

From:Shreyas Sampat <nsampat@...>
Date:Thursday, August 30, 2001, 19:42
Sorry, y'all.  I've been packing and stuff, so I don't have the opportunity
to send these out as often as I'd like.  So, I thought I'd post 2 today.

The Relay 1 Text in Kerno by Padraic Brown

Logiu L' Yspíritte le Donne:

Ystetai eo henny mèdhe l' obscouritatte;
adobuyeor henny obscouritatte, e fecki-mi  surdh ag retirasi-mi in ce
ilalla, creasi eo le mmunde henny selencien;
attroúpasi lâ henny ce mmunde le meu loche cunny thoúttes;
domboneusont y thuith do mi le nnomen L' Yspíritus Névea for le monde;
ac h-adorasont-mi La nYspíritte Néve.

(Padraic, I don't have your smooth English for some reason.)

The Relay 1 text in Czirehlat by Herman Miller

The Words of the Great Spirit

I was standing in the middle of a dark place.
I cried out in the darkness,
lost my hearing,
and departed in silence.
In the distance,
I made the world in the silence.
There in the world I found my place with the people.
They called me "Holy Spirit" all over the world,
and they admired me, the sacred spirit.

Czirehlat text:
Miri Tuli jeNaja

Padariz me desa u xuiri qiut.
Lirkarin ja xuiriz,
te megarin me kuanadri,
te tagarin ja nusuz.
Me takki qiut,
teptarin me rev ja nusuz.
Taka ve rev javarin me levor namaz sze sera.
I hravatin na lé me luxi tuli me manta u rev,
te lupatiz ké, me luxi tuli.

Relay 2:
The Relay 2 Text in Eloshtan by Josh Roth

Qilje ragotco hwectec.

Haloctocuf tefk vato tell vilti klaq. Filef, so
haloctocuf tefk vato tell vilti klaq vi, “Malaglak jijiswek leck covock?”
hoq qusafoctaf. So, ragotco “‘Malaglafos?’ hoc qusafostam farala sef
pregjemtev glill farala klaq qercemtev gliq teltek vusokol gliqk filemev
gliqk,” menteleftec. So, “Tes jijiswefenye olyoctoc tem nala kasaracov,”
mentelect. Teltek cekel llefegleck muramuranyo tcenif.

Lady cares for child.

She makes him/her go to the inside of their house.
Because he/she plays, she makes him/her go to the inside of their house, and
"What on earth are silly words?" she asked him/her. Because (of this), child
"'What on earth are you doing?' you asked me from when I was an infant to
when I grew up every time I play," said to her. Because (of this), "Your
doing of silly things causes misfortune and cuts my soul," she said. All
these things repeat endlessly as blinking.

Henrik Theiling's Tyl Sjok:

Jas tjoni jat.  Lu jat kju ljwi tix.  Jat tjaha u kju kel jas nox
`Su te sik je it?'  Jat tjonw `Nox ha `te sik'?  Tjaha sjo te hong
hw tuk xja lit.'  So kel jas it `Te sik je lu tu hil kel ta eti jo
jes.'  King ton set ky sase y tjonw hw tjani.

Jas tjoni jat.
  The woman cares for the child.
  (`lu' is left out: `Jas lu tjoni jat.')

  Lu jat kju ljwi tix.
  (She) makes the child go into the house.

  Jat tjaha u kju kel jas nox
  The child play and the going (into the house) cause the woman to ask:

  `Su te sik je it?'
  How silly do you speak? (= What silly things are you saying?)

  Jat tjoni `Nox ha `te sik'?
  The child replies `(You) ask (about) `silly (words?)'

  Tjaha sjo te hong hw tuk xja lit.'
  (I've been) playing since (I was) helpless, all tim, until I was big

  So kel jas it `Te sik je lu
  So (this) cause the woman to say: `Because (the) silly things you do
  (`because' = `kel' in the next line)

  tu hil kel ta eti jo jes.'
  make misfortune, my mind has changed.

  King ton set ky sase y tjonw hw tjani.
  Like binking, these things happend again and again.