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From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 11, 2001, 1:14
Just popping in to say that, almost a year since the previous upload, the
latest version of Gzarondin is on the web. It's an .rtf accessible from

Since the previous version I have:

 - Phased out the use of Greek symbols in the alphabet.
 - Snipped various features that were perhaps too complicated.
 - Invented the grammar governing relative clauses.

Comments greatly appreciated, especially regarding the new section on
conjunctions and relative clauses.

P.S. My link to Andrew's Brithenig seems to be broken?


Reqniu flyka, reqniu alhleraa man, mireynbral ykk.
 -- "The girl that has sex with me is very beautiful"

Reqniu flyka, a maniu alhleraa hlem, mireynbral ykk.
 -- "The girl that I have sex with is very beautiful"

Moniu synad moniu ya ryn.
 -- "I think I want it"

Raniu gzarin, a toniu synad manohs ya hlem, klafll ykk.
 -- "The dragon you think I want is very sick"


andrew <hobbit@...>