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Can someone ID this script?

From:Shreyas Sampat <ssampat@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 12, 2005, 21:13
About a month ago, I found a Perl script called "" on the Web
somewhere, but I can't find where anymore! Which means that I can't
thank the creator (it's served me well). I'm at my wits' end. Can anyone
help? I've quoted the first few lines of the script and the manual
"lexgen.txt" below (Not sure if I can distribute the whole thing).


    #!/usr/bin/perl --

    # this program is VERY BADLY WRITTEN. I know this.

    my ($instream, $i, $x, $key, $value);
    my ($opt, $optarg, $template, $linelen);
    my (%pairs, %cyc, %cycnum, %lastpicked);
    my $timesmod=0;
    my $noconv=0;
    my $override=0;
    my $recurse=0;
    my $hroot="";
    my $uset=0;
    my $times=5;
    my $lmax=256;
    my $newroot="ROOT";
    my $valid = "-a-s-v";
    my $argvalid = "-n-r-t-o";



    Lexgen stands for LEXical GENerator, it is for generating lists of

    The way it works is simple, it recursively substitutes variables
    with values
    associated with them, until it can make no more substitutions.

    A lexgen script (Typically something.lxg) contains a list of variables
    followed by a colon, followed by possible values of that variable.
    The script can be specified as an argument, or on standard input if
    there is no argument.

    Lexgen has three modes of operation, Random, All, and Template.

The "Million Style Manual" is a set of sixty-four jade stones marked
with pieces of Chinese characters. It expresses the kung fu of the void,
as taught by P'an Ku's axe.

Shreyas Sampat