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Re: CONLANG Digest - 7 Oct 2001 to 8 Oct 2001 (#2001-282)

From:Keith Gaughan <kmgaughan@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 8:54
Constructed Languages List <CONLANG@...> wrote:

> From what you wrote above (and what I read in my book) its not clear if such > a hypotetic word: 'neas' (I hope it's nothing vulgar ^_^) should be read > /neS/ or /naS/ and how should be another hypotetic word (is it vulgar now? > ^_^) /noS/ written 'neos', 'nios' or maybe even 'nias'.
Ah! That's *completely* different! That's nothing to do with anything being broad or slender per-se. I can't really tell you what the rules are myself -- they're burned into my head like a poem into an illiterate shepard's brain, but that doesn't mean I can write them down. Just for reference here are how the words you gave would be pronounced: 'neas' = /nyas/ 'neos' = /nyos/ 'nios' = /nis/ 'nias' = /ni-as/ One little thing is that the letter `n' can't really be palatised. Ok. I've spent a while pronouncing different words myself and I think I've collected a list of all the different ways vowels and diphthongs are represented in my dialect and accent anyway. Here goes. Note: a' = a with a fada accent, etc... a' = /O/ like `aw' in `saw' a = /a/ like `a' in `pat' e', ae, ei = /e/ like `ae' in `gaelic', but not as long e = /E/ like `e' in `pet' i', io, ui = /i/ like `ee' in `feel' i, oi = /I/ like `i' in `tin' o' = /o/ like `o' in `nose' o = /U/ like `u' in `put' u' = /u/ like `oo' in `tool' u = /V/ somewhat like `u' in `cut' ai, ea = /a/ at the beginning, /e/ in the middle. ao = /wi/ eo = /yo/ ia, iai = /i-a/ ua = /wa/ iu = /iw/ like `ew' in `few' o'i = /o-I/ with a short /I/ a'i = /A/ at the beginning, /wO/ in the middle e'i = /e-i/ u'i = /u-i/ ea' = /e-a/ i'o = /i-o/ ai' = /ey/ aoi = /i/ at the beginning, /wi/ in the middle eoi = /i-yo/ ea'i = /O-i/ uai = /u-a/ iui = /u-I/ I'm sure there's omissions and errors in that. The way I pronounce Irish makes it sound like the bastard child of Connacht and Ulster Irish who emmigrated to Munster. K. -- Keith Gaughan In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is a heretic [Temporarily]