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Ablaut/Gender[was Re: A Conlang by de group: genders]

From:/Joe Mondello <rugpretzel@...>
Date:Saturday, October 10, 1998, 17:42
I am less in favor of a gender system that in more of a few standardized
ablaut patterns, almost as in spanish [in only one or two isolated instances
whisch i can think of].  for example, stems following a pattern:
in animals:
neko- to eat
nako- food
niko- eater, diner
niako-chef [causer of eating]
nuiko-eating utensils [instruments of eating]
   Of course it doesnt have to manifest itself thusly but something of that
general form.  acually I would prefer the ablaut to interact more with any
possible case markings.  I welcome any comments
pacs precs
Joe Mondello