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Rihana-ye: The Peasants and the Lord of Desertedge:Sequel

From:John L. Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Thursday, March 11, 2004, 1:15
After posting this document, I found another short related piece, which at
least ostensibly is the response of the Lord of Desertedge to the herd trick.
(All these materials were written a few years ago, so I am genuinely
rediscovering them now.)
John Leland

Hemanathe-ye Tiba-ye Wevaroha
Desertedge's Lord's Answer

Zalavane Hemanathe-ye tiba vujomiha-me varo:
Copperbeard Desertedge's lord judgment-in says:
Hahula petiba-fe-ye tiniba seba-ke my fimyha-fe
Redcloth rebels' headman me-from 9 81s
lila-ye diha-fe wibo. Kere seba Haluha-ye vaja
gold-of pieces took. So I Redcloth's head
-deke my fimyha-fe lila-ye diha-fe ko-vi.
-for 9 81s gold-of pieces give-will.
Here petiba seba-be se vaja febo-vi,
If rebel me-to this head bring-will,
seba petiba-de hetiha ku ko-vi.
I rebel-to freedom kindly give-will.
Pitibada-ye tiha-ye jy-i fizawa.
Hotprince's reign-of seventh year.