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Nim Chimpsy (was "implicational and factive verbs"

From:czHANg Jon Chang <czhang23@...>
Date:Thursday, January 25, 2001, 9:22
Dan Sulani
> wrote: > > BTW, anyone ever heard of (or _remember_ ;-) ) the original > "Nim"? A chimpanzee called "Nim Chimpsky" who was one of > the original volunteers (er, I mean "subjects" ;-) ) in the research on > teaching apes to use (human) language. I don't know whether > the researcher who gave the chimp the name was pro-generative > grammar with a sense of humor or anti-generative grammar with > a grudge. (I seem to recall, though, that it was the former.) >
::big grin:: I do. Interesting case: the researcher didn't relate to Nim on a an emotional level & poor Nim - havin' the emotional level & needs of a 3 year old child - was totally bored & burned out by the repetitiveness of all the experiments. The much vaunted "Scientific Method" was too alienatin to Nim. In contrast is the research done by Patterson with Koko the Gorilla: much was accomplished (& evidently still is) 'cuz Patterson related on an emotional level with Koko. Science does not need to be so "cold & distant" especially when dealin with interspecies communication(s). czHANg -- email: AIM: czhang23 voicemail: (510) 859-3988 ext. 9679 __________________________________________________________________ Get your own FREE, personal Netscape Webmail account today at