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Re: CHAT: Email (was: Re: Yogh in the news)

From:Santalum Alba <madyaas@...>
Date:Friday, January 13, 2006, 21:09
>That's quite odd. GMail should decode all of that automatically - and since >I'm *using* gmail on this end to compose the messages, it makes no sense >that it would get messed up en route. Sounds like a bug . . . anyone else >having this problem? Maybe we should try exchanging email directly, rather >than through the conlang list server, to see if that helps?
I'd try doing that. Perhaps it's a list-bug. I use gmail directly to send messages, and I noticed through the headers that yours goes through at some point in the process. I'd simply ignored the encoded messages since I didn't have time (or inclination, sorry) to decode all of your messages (of course, to reply I did for this one :))
>Note that base64 isn't some quaint encoding technology; it's used every time >you send an attachment or a message with lots of non-ASCII characters.
Well, I didn't mean to imply it was quaint technology. I know the usefulness of it, but I was being facetious when bringing up the fact that I haven't seen a base64 string in an email since 1994 when it was the way to get pictures from messages online.