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From:daniel andreasson <danielandreasson@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 2, 2002, 11:22
Here's a bit of info on my new project Sheu~ [SM~]. The name
of the language sounds absolutely horrifying. I love [M] but
when it's nasalized, I'm not so sure anymore. :)

The vowel system so far is:

i      M u
 E     7 o

These can be either oral or nasal. I'm thinking of throwing
in /}/ (written |ü| or |y|) too.

|eu| is /M/ and |eo| is /7/ (unrounded /o/).

Sheu~ does include some pretty interesting diphthongs as
well. |ieu| is /iM/ ; |eeu| is /EM/ ; |aeu| is /aM/. I'm
not sure how often they'll actually show up in the language

Stress is on the final syllable.

Here's the phrase "Fight linguistic extinction! Create a

     "Eu math caom sheutiw. Eu eont mi~ sheutiw."

      [M maT kawm SM"tiw  M 7nt mi~ SM"tiw]

And here's "A word is an awesome thing."

     "Mi~ sheu na mi~ nath amao."

      [mi~ SM na mi~ naT a"maw]

||| daniel

danielandreasson @ |