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Re: |c| in Volapük

From:Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 23, 2005, 18:40
On Wednesday, February 23, 2005, at 01:25 , Mark J. Reed wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 22, 2005 at 07:30:10PM -0500, Thomas Leigh wrote: >> So, apparently, in the original (Schleyer's) language it was [dZ], >> then it >> was changed to [tS] and remains so in de Jong's revision of the >> language. > > I see. That presumably also applies to |z| = [dz]/[ts], then?
In Joahann Martin Schleyer's original version (1879): |c| = [dZ] |j| = [S] |s| = [s], but [z] when added to voiced sounds as the plural endings |x| = [ks] |z| = [ts] In Arie de Jong's revision (1931): |c| = [tS] or [dZ] |j| = [S] or [Z] |s| = [s] or [z] |x| = [ks] or [gz] |z| = [ts] or [dz] De Jong's revision is interesting in that it is one of a very few revisions of a language being immediately accepted and remaining virtually stable thereafter. Interestingly, in 'Novial Lexike' (1931) Otto Jespersen gave his Novial: |ch| = [tS] or [S] (the only use the letter |c|) |j| = [dZ] or [Z] |s| = [s] or [z] |sh| = [S] |x| = [ks] or [gz] The letter |z| was not used, and under |ch| Jespersen explicitly stated: "Insted _ch_ on pove skripte _sh_". When efforts were made in 1998 by some on the Auxlang list to revive Novial, I proposed: The abolition of the digraphs |ch| and |sh| |j| = [S] or [Z} |s| = [s] or [z] |x| = [ks] or [gz] Alas, there was no Arie de Jong there, and the reforms broke up into at least four factions trading insults with each another (I have a copies of "The North Wind and the Sun" in the Novial of 1930/31, and in four different neo-Novial versions from 1999). As some know, that was what finally turned me off all auxlang politcking. Ray =============================================== =============================================== Anything is possible in the fabulous Celtic twilight, which is not so much a twilight of the gods as of the reason." [JRRT, "English and Welsh" ]