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Exotic languages (was Re: PimsleurApproach language courses)

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 12, 2003, 1:53
On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 15:03:29 -0500, Isidora Zamora <isidora@...>

> At 07:34 PM 11/11/03 +0100, you wrote: >> I can only say I'm disconcerted to see Swedish on their list of "Exotic" >> languages ...
> Now, Ojibwe, that's exotic.
I have no idea. Got a URL? My knowledge of American languages is just about as poor as my knowledge of African languages, and I feel a compulsion to better myself on both counts. There was a URL to a sketch of Burushaski posted, and to me, at least, that was pretty darned exotic. I've already poached a couple of ideas (most notably something very akin to the vowel system) for a new language I'm toying with (no name yet). FWIW at this early stage, here are 5 example sentences, in Unicode (straight from my notes)... ẓḍádlha tumo /ʐɖɑɮʌ t� mo/ "he hit my arm" ẓḍádlha tú /ʐɖɑɮʌ tu/ "he hit his own arm" ẓḍá tú /ʐɖɑ tu/ "I hit my own arm" ẓḍá tux̣é /ʐɖɑ t� χɛ/ "I hit his arm" ẓḍá tu /ʐɖɑ t� / "I hit an arm" Paul


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