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Futurism (was Re: Natlang-based "IAL pidgins")

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Sunday, September 10, 2000, 18:36
    Leo, thanx for the truly wonderful Quick Study version of Futurism...

In a message dated 2000:09:10 9:03:03 AM, leo_caesius@HOTMAIL.COM writes:

>... I'm not the biggest fan of futurism, I can respect their >political and cultural impact upon Europe. It didn't stop with the >Fascists, although apparently Mussolini was one of Marinetti's biggest >fans. > I'm much more of an Ungaretti man myself (M'illumino d'immenso!).
I am not fond of Marinetti and the other "loud-mouths" of proto-Fascist Futurism either. As I have said to Luca in off-list correspondence, I like the poetry of Paolo Buzzi (what scanty amount I have seen in translation, & all in poetry anthologies, not books on/about Buzzi himself); Buzzi was one poet who went beyond the usual Futurist tenets to make something unique. [o-kaaaay, I also like his last name...] It's unfortunate that Marinetti is more recognizable than Buzzi ... that the "loudmouths" get translated more often than the quiet ones (and as the old saying goes: "it is the quiet ones that ya hafta watch out for...") czHANg