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Re: So-called Alternative Lifestyles (was Unconventional pronoun systemsshow us yours!)

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin-conlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 8, 2004, 15:25
* Scotto Hlad said on 2004-09-06 20:37:17 +0200
> While I eschew political correctness, I'm curious how conlangers have > handled the emergence of so-called alternative lifestyles. [..] > > That being said, I want to have a broader world view with my a-priori > conlang, Vystoulor. I know that so many cultures have the 'us' & > 'them' ideas. (Greek/Barbari; Hebrew/Goyische etc) I want the > vystoulorian community to not only be inclusive of so-called > 'alternative lifestyles' I want to show that they are inherent to > their community.
Terahoans (one of the many cultures hthat sometimes use Taruven) has a weird take on 'us' and 'them': there are proper, tolerant people and /Sig:aen/, ciggaen, intolerant foreigners. This in contrast with the now more or less dead imperial cultures, many who were extremely racist and elitist, and the Charen method of having many parallel cultures (hopefully peacefully) interacting. The reason for the Terahoans' well-working multi-cultural salad is to be found in history; the founders were, simply put, not exactly conservative. And since the afore-mentioned founders are for all practical purposes immortal and still in charge, it has stayed not exactly conservative; though it is a real challenge to be young and attempt to be alternative when the guy running the city sees laws as something that needs to be broken so that one can play with the soo cute riot-police (after all, they might get out of shape if they don't get to practice right? Only doing it out of the goodness of his heart, and for the thrill of being chased of course), and the it in charge of the miltary caste goes away for years to investigate the new mind states possible by experimenting a little with chemistry or embark on a centuries-long study on how to best make ice-sculptures in frozen nitrogen; basically the older they get the weirder they get. t.