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Re: CHAT: UK Conlangcon

From:A Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 13, 1999, 18:20
> > Whereabouts at Euston? At the top of the tube escalators in the main > > station? > > Saturday 16th October, Euston Station, 11 am. At teh top of teh main > escalator that connects the underground portion to the main courtyard
> surface level. > > We will swiftly move onto the Railway Arms (?) pub, just outside teh
> on the left. > > Come one, come all.
I had been going to take my son to see Toy Story, but his mum can do that instead, so I shall come. Please look out for a 30-something man with short dark beard & hair & a by no means slender physique, probably (a) seated on the wall at the top the escalator and (b) wearing a green jacket & brown chelsea boots. I would be most grateful if anyone thinking they have spotted me approach me vocally; you may think you have caught my eye and been ignored, but unless you're standing to my left and less than a dozen feet away, I probably haven't seen you. --And.