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From:Abrigon Gusiq <mike_adams61@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 18, 1999, 13:35
Below is some of my basic stuff for one/both of my conlangs..
I know it needs work, but looking for ideas.. I did most of the ground work
almost a year ago, and in like a weekend. So it is likely rough.


Counting, well one,first,single=same word, deferentiated by a suffix/prefix,
not known at this time..
Same with the other numbers..

How to describe the natural universe and express it to others as well as

Self (masculine)
Self (feminine)
Self (Neuter)
Individual non-self=2nd persons?
Individual non-self
Individual non-self
Group Inclusive=the speaker is part of the group
Group Non-inclusive=the speaker is not part of the group?


The lingo Monuhe (Living, very positive, say) Lingo in progress.


a = ah (Law/father)
e = eh (Let/nest)
i = ih (Lynn/it)
o = oh (Low)
u = uh (Fun)
@ = ae (first A in Adams/ask)

a = ah (law)
e = eh (let, nest)
i = ih (lynn, it)
o = oh (low)
u = uh (fun, under)
@ = ae (ask)

b       = best
d       = dave
dh      = the th in then
p       = piss
ph (f)  = fart
g       = go
gh (j)  = jap
h       = help
k       = kill, Q in queen
l       = lap
m       = men
n       = new
r       = right
s       = sit
sh (S)  = sh in shit
t       = time
th      = th in bath
v       = very
w       = u in queen
hw      = wh in what
y       = yes
z       = zap
zh (Z)  = the s in measure

p = piss
b = beat
t = tie
d = dead
k = key
g = go
f = fat
v = verb
s = sit
z = zap
x = hw/when (but written x below)
x = not KS but another sound.
h = hat
m = men
n = need
w = (the "u" as in Queen).
r = trilled r.
l = line
j = j (Jar)
y = yet
Z = the sh in Measure
S = shit (written Sh below)
N = -n
X = why (written Hw or x below)

Semi-worldwide Phonology:


        Labial  Dental  Palatal Velar   Glottal

Plosive p b     t d             k g     <?>

Fric    f v     s z     (S,Z)   (x G)   h

Nasal   m       n       (J)     (N)

Contin  w       r l     j


        Front   Central Back

Close   i (I)   (1)     u (U)

Mid     e (E)   (@)     o (O)

Open    ({)     a       (A Q)

aeiou =
AEIOU = lay, lee, lie, low, lyou

@ (AE, as the first A in Adams, OE: AE).

some times a ng sound (sing), as well as Kh (Loch), and a few others
that I have not logged yet.

How to do they, as in "They Saw" something.

If the group is all males, then its

If the group is all females, then its
So  (?)

If the group is mixed then its

How do you say describe! Or is the name descriptive enough. Such as


To designate giving or taking away, the first name is the object that
initiates action, so if I were to take something from John, I would
state that "I : negative constructive : the object : John.


I : action gained ball : john

If John gave me the ball then it might be:
John : positive constructive : the object : I (name)

(EXAMPLES: I am angry with her - An emne Anho -
        1 : emotion, negative : 1 female
        It is assumed the above is present case.)

Will give       = Nogopo (Future tense)
Did give        = Nogope (Past tense)
Gave            = Nogopo (Present tense)
Might Give      = Nogoy (What if tense)
Should give     = Nogo
Has to give     = Nogo


        Normally physically action is constructive or destructive.
        but if the action is a non-physical action, then it is negative and
        positive. So the constructive is not always needed, only if the
        action is obviously destructive or not at all, then use the

Emotions are normally negative or positive, unless the emotion is so
damaging that the person/being is showing physical failure cause of
said emotions.
Actions are normally constructive or destructive: If the action is
obviously destructive then use the destructive, or the neutral (when in

To add extra emphasis to emotions, actions and such, then just double
the constenant Ak=Akk (pronounced Akh, hard Kh).
Extra emphasis or to go beyond the parameters, just double the constanent.
So if the action modified is Extremely destructive, then to make it more so
it becomes DDa (DD=Dh), it can be written Dha.

More to come if anyone is interested.


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