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Re: Agents and patients

From:Jens_Daniel Persson <stockbaum@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 14, 2000, 18:26
>What I'm not sure about here is what to do with the >verb -- agreement would be marked in this language, but >I'm not sure with which part of the sentence...
You might let the verbs agree with the agent IF one is present and have some extra form of the verbs when it is not. Like: 1s form1 2s form2 3s form3 1p form4 2p form5 3p form6 no agent present form7 which is cool or let the verb agree with whatever's in topic in a sentence. (hmm, or not.) But perhaps you could have a hierarchy of the cases here as well so that the verb agrees with a part-of-speech but which one depends on which are present in the sentence. The verb will then agree with the part-of-speech that is highest on the hierarchy and present in the sentence How about that? /Jens
>I only have AGT, PAT, ABL and DAT, and I'm somehow seeing >a hierarchy -- in that order. Does this make sense? Any >problems with this mad scheme? (As for ambiguity: I can >live with it, plus I have adpositions to enhance the broad >meaning of the cases, if needed.) Help of any kind would >be appreciated.
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