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Malat (to eat / to drink)

From:Didier Willis <dwillis@...>
Date:Monday, December 7, 1998, 13:33
Garrett wrote:
> > Well, over here, i'm going to make drink and eat the same word. Is > there a necessary distinction?
But actually that's not the same action: eating involves chewing, whereas drinking only involves deglutition. So yes, the distinction might be useful. Using the same word for eating and drinking is possible in English: it is merely the verb "to ingest". It may even apply to insects (with mandibles) or birds (with a beak). It's very general, but is it really what you want?
> The equivalent in english is implied by what is actually consumed > (food or liquid).
What about things that are both solid and liquid (e.g. soup with pieces of vegetables)? Here you *drink* the liquid part and *eat/swallow* the solid parts at the same time. In these cases, natlangs usually make an arbitrary choice. **** These issues are rather usual when dealing with constructed vocabulary. I believe that one should try to restrict the semantic field of its terms without risking to impoverish the language (though one might try to reach a certain level of conciseness). Didier. -- -