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Re: Romanization of Reduced Vowels

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Friday, December 11, 1998, 20:45
BP Jonsson wrote:
>Kristian Jensen wrote:
>>Its just that Raymond adviced using one letter. What's better, >>phonemic or phonetic transcription?
>I don't know if it's force of habit ;), but I agree with Ray! >Maybe the best symbol would be an apostrophe, unless the lang >also has a glottal stop ('as 'everyone knows the 'apostrophe 'is >sacred to the glottal stop! ;-)
Alas! Boreanesian has a glottal stop. Otherwise, I would have considered that option. Sam Bryant did suggest using the accute or grave accent as a legitimate grapheme to represent the vowel in minor syllables. I tried it, it looked good. But after some consideration, I fear that the 'apostrophe' and accents look too much alike that confusion may arise. Imagine a word that begins with a minor syllable that starts with a glottal stop. If the glottal stop was represented by an apostrophe and the vowel by an accent, then one would have a word starting with two consecutive 'ticks' representing different sounds. There's something icky about that so I think I'll stick with 'e' to represent the vowel in minor syllables. Regards, -Kristian-