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Conlang dialects

From:Pablo Flores <fflores@...>
Date:Friday, October 2, 1998, 17:15
I've finished my quite thorough revision of Draseleq and I hope to
upload my new webpages soon. In the meantime I've doing some work
on dialects. I was curious: do you folks take dialects (or any kind
of language varieties) into account?

For example, Draseleq has two main dialects: _Ritheldeq_, spoken
mainly in Rith, the central province of Thaqulm, where the Qlonenqgron
(Great Lord) resides, and _Edhmaquart_, spoken in the northern coast,
mainly in the province of Maquar. Ritheldeq is what we could call
"Standard Modern Draseleq", while some features of Edhmaquart are
still considered _qunlethar_, "half-tongue", debased or vulgar speech.

Do you have characterizations like these on your conlangs? I personally
love these subtleties, but they require some conculture work some may
not be fond of...

--Pablo Flores

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