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Re: The Sand Reckoner in Your ‘Langs

From:Mechthild Czapp <0zu149@...>
Date:Monday, April 6, 2009, 2:16

> > Questions: > How do you name very-large numbers in your conlangs and natlangs? > For as many of the following three lists of ten numbers as you like, how, > in > your ‘langs, do you say them? >
Rejistanian actually has to systems: The official one uses the short scale and vaguely American sounding names. The informal one stems from the various inflations, Rejistania experienced. It is a reference to whoever the rejistanis saw especially responsible for the mess their lil'kansu (or earlier veshinte) was in. Thus: 10^6 == miliju == jeo 10^8 == milijury == hilak (irregular) 10^9 == iviliju == sykansu 10^12 == teriliju == jetveran and so on. The highest informal would be 10^22 or K~hono even though that is a reference to Gideon Gono from real life. I hope this helps. Va'il veka! -- Neu: GMX FreeDSL Komplettanschluss mit DSL 6.000 Flatrate + Telefonanschluss für nur 17,95 Euro/mtl.!*