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Re: numerals

From:Mark Hutchinson <hutchies@...>
Date:Friday, April 6, 2001, 19:25
Having just seen Andreas Johansson's posting about his numerals, I think I'll tell
you a bit about those of Elé (and also the abandoned language Old Déné).

Elé is effectively 'base-prime'. All numbers count down to the next prime. After
every five primes, it gets a bit more complex. Here's some examples:

0=adai (2(a) behind the 1st prime (2=dai))
(note - different numerals are used for primes and non-primes)
11=tedd (the fifth prime)
14=dèthé (2 times thé (7))
21=sèthé (3 "     "   ("))
12=tedde (1 past 11)
13=ddai (the 1st prime in the second 'rotation' of the primes)

and so it goes on...

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