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Mephaph : Public BETA

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Saturday, January 3, 2004, 14:26
As I mentioned some two weeks ago, I'm working on a translation of the Lord's
Prayer into Meghean. After a fit of creativity today, I finally have a
version, sans doxology, that I feel I can present on the list, altho there's
certainly still room for improvements, both to make it better Meghean and to
make it a better Lord's Prayer. Still, the text:

Mephaph do Hamalo,
Rahes tul eo deur,
Rachorthas tul an,
Rasubhas tulim ten,
Oañ Gheno oete do Hamalo,
Mad mebhado ñhoicho acem,
Oa parasean mehatenasano acem,
Oete mepharasean acach,
Nein ateun acem,
Oa duchanem aba odho ubhunaso,
Si pareahem eus magelo. Amen.

Interlinear and and comments:

ACC accusative
PAS passive
PERF perfect
PL plural
POSS Possessive
SA subjunctive auxiliary

Mephaph do Hamalo,
[me'pap\ do ja'malo]
me- paph   do h-  amal   -o
our father in the heaven ACC
"Our Father in Heaven,"

Rahes tul eo deur,
[ra'es tul jo dZur]
ra-  es   tul eo deur
your name SA  is holy
"Your name be holy,"

Rachorthas tul an,
[ra'xorTas tul an]
ra-  corthas tul an
your kingdom SA  come
"Your kingdom come,"

Rasubhas tulim ten,
[ra'suBas tulim tSen]
ea-  subhas tul -im ten
your will   SA  PAS do
"Your will be done,"

Oañ Gheno oete do Hamalo,
[waN 'Zeno 'wete do ja'malo]
oañ h-  gen   -o  oete do h-  amal   -o
on  the earth ACC like in the heaven ACC
"on Earth like in Heaven,"

Mad mebhado ñhoicho acem,
[mad me'Bado 'Nojxo a'tSem]
mad  me- bad   -o  h-  noch -i-  -o  ac -em
give our bread ACC the day  POSS ACC to us
"Give to us our bread of the day,"

(any better suggestion for interlinearizing infixes?)

Oa parasean mehatenasano acem,
[wa para'San meja'tSenasano a'tSem]
oa  parasean me- atenas -an -o  ac -em
and forgive  our sin    PL  ACC to us
"And forgive us our sins,"

(Note the acts forgiven as direct object, and the people forgive as a
prepositional argument. _Atenas_ "sin" breaks down as a-ten-as "un-do-ing" - a
more literal translaton would be "illdeeds".)

Oete mepharasean acach,
['wete mep\ara'San a'kax]
oete me- parasean ac -ach
like we  forgive  to them
"Like we forgive them,"

Nein ateun acem,
[nejn a'tSewn a'tSem]
nei -n aten -u-  ac -em
who PL sin  PERF to us
"Who have sinned against us,"

(_Aten_ is of course literally "un-do", but that translation just doesn't

Oa duchanem aba odho ubhunaso,
[wa 'duxanem aba 'oDo 'uBunaso]
oa  duchan -em aba odho ubhanas    -o
and lead   us  not into temptation ACC
"And lead us not into temptation"

Si pareahem eus magelo. Amen.
[Si 'parjaem jus ma'dZelo 'amen]
si  parea -em eus  magel -o  amen
but save  us  from evil  ACC amen
"But save us from evil. Amen."

("Amen" is a left untranslated, as is traditional. Note that _pareahem_ is
three syllables - ['par.ja.em].)

Comments? Questions? Criticisms? Undeserved praise?