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Re: A DISTURBING proposal! (was Re: Personal langs and converse of aux)

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Thursday, February 8, 2001, 15:24
En réponse à Levi Caddell <levica@...>:

> Ok, I will give this a try. > > a. Math - English or German (Depends on what I am thinking about) > > b. Cry - Depends on where I am and what it is about. > > c. Pray - I like to pray in french, but it really depends. Praying in > German has always felt strange, but I can do it when necessary for > others > to understand. > > let me add one here.. > > d. Dreaming - I have rarely used Russian other than reading since I > learned it, however, I often find myself dreaming in Russian. Have I > been > brainwashed. (I learned Russian when in the US Army at the Defense > Language Institute.) Strangely, I have also dreamed in my co-lang, > Aeldurion. Quite often my dreams involve people speaking several > languages. >
I'll add mine: a. French, English, Esperanto, Spanish, Dutch, depending on the situation, and with equal easiness for simple counting or calculating (I mean additions, multiplications and such). b. French or English, depending on the situation. c. I never pray in words, more in feelings (I'm spiritual but not religious). d. French and English, with lots of code-switching (interesting). Well, you can say I'm a French-English bilingual :) . Since English is the language I use to communicate with my boyfriend, that's not surprizing :) . That's what happens when you're in an international couple :) . Christophe.