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Just a Little Taste of Judean

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, April 11, 1999, 1:39
I haven't been working on my next conlang project, a Judean
Romance-language very much, been too busy with everything.  One of which
has been college - i'm probably going to SUNY Binghamton next year, or
possibly to one of U Penn, Columbia or Washington U (those three
waitlist'd me).

So, while talking with someone over email off-list, who knows a little
Latin, i found out a few things so far about Judean (i've stopped calling
it Ju:dajajt because the name may change).

So far, i don't think it'll have cases.
Nouns are descended from Latin's genitive case (like Spanish's are from
the accusative).

He gave me a few different nouns in Latin with their declensions, so here
are the Judean evolutions:
(i hope he didn't leave out marking the Latin long vowels)

Latin Nominative (singular genitive, plural genitive)

"manus" (mani, manorum)
mani >> MAN
manorum >> manorm (accented on the second syllable, R = velar retroflex
approximant) >> MANO:M

"puella" (puellae, puellarum)
puellae >> /pwElaj/ >> pwela >> pfela >> PELA
puellarum >> /pwEl'aRm/ >> pfela:m >> PELA:M

"pons" (pontis, pontum)
pontis >> /pontIS/ >> /pontS/ >> PONSO` (falling-accented vowels are
either devoiced, ultrashort, or both)
pontum >> PONTU:M

"casa" (casae, casarum)
casae >> /kaSaj/ >> /kaSa/ >> CASA (pronounced [kaZa], written {caya} in
'specification writing')
casarum >> /kaS'aRm/ >> /kaSa:m/ >> CASA:M [kaZa:m]

"pectus" (pecti, pectorum)
pecti >> /pEkt/ >> /pExt/ >> PECTE` (written {pec,te`} in
'specification', [pExtE] with the E` like the O`)
pectorum >> /pEktoRm/ >> /pEktowm/ >> PECTO:M ({pec,to:m}, with a [x])

So this would make the Judean words:
singular (specification) - plural (specification)

man - mano:m
pela - pela:m
ponso` (pons^o`, with an upside down ^ over the S) - pontu:m
casa (caya) - casa:m (cayam)
pecte` (pec,te`) - pecto:m (pec,to:m)

[man manowm]
[pEla pEla:m]
[ponSO<dvcd/ultrshrt> pontuwm]
[kaZa kaZa:m]
[pExtE<d/u> pExtowm]

So that makes all the plurals so far end in longvowel-M...and "ponso` /
pontu:m" is 'irregular'.

And that's so far the possible beginning of Judean....any questions?

-Stephen (Steg)
 _...tawa g''uza-viht nga'ngaur laur, kefyi-a tza'hashe:m..._

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