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From:vaksje <vaksje@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 25, 2003, 14:44
Jan van Steenbergen wrote, 2003.02.25 13:20'jä:
>[snip] > > > Not sure about /o/ though. I found out the vowel I'm so desperately needing > > sounds somewhat like the |o| sound in the Dutch word "lopen" opposed to the > > one in "kooi". Thought this was /o/, but can anyone correct me? > >IMO /o/ in "kooi" and in "lopen" are basically the same vowel. >They might be pronounced somewhat differently in certain non-standard >ideolects, for example: [kO:j] vs. [lov\p@].
You're probably right, just realized "lopen" contains a diphthong here (in the north). I recall hearing both standard and non-standard pronunciations. The actual vowels I had in mind were: "bom" vs. "boom". Anyway, I'm pretty sure now they're /O/ and /o/ respectively.
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