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OFFTOPIC: PostScript readers (was: New Rikchik Postscript files)

From:Didier Willis <dwillis@...>
Date:Thursday, November 26, 1998, 9:08
Mathias M. Lassailly wrote:
> > > Denis M. Moskowitz wrote: > > > > At the Boston Conlang dinner, I showed off some of the rikchik > > postscript files I've generated. There seemed to be enough > > interest to put them up on my web site, so I did. > > > > Could anyone tell me which application is needed to open these > .ps files ?
These are PostScript files, Mathias, so you need a dedicated reader (that's weird that you ask, I thought PostScript was a well known format nowadays ;) In free software, 'ghoshview' is the usual utility, available on UNIX and Windoze boxes. You may also use 'Acrobat Distiller' from Adobe, which will translate the file into PDF, and then 'Acrobat Reader' to view it. I am afraid it's a commercial package, however (the Distiller, not the Reader). Anyway, recent versions of 'ghostview' can ouput PDF, so... PDF should in general be preferred to PostScript, because the files are smaller and may be protected against modifications and editing. The counterpart is that it is a binary format, vs. a text format for PostScript which is therefore more suitable for e-mails. Didier.