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Diphthongs for Jovian & HUMOUR

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Friday, March 29, 2002, 0:00
In a message dated 3/27/02 11.15.14 PM, cinga@GMX.NET writes:

>machina -> maenca /"meNk@/ >femina -> feima /"fejm@/ >granula -> graundla /"grondl@/ >pegasus -> piexu /"pi@S/ >orion -> oeron /"AjrAn/ >fibula -> fybla /"fy:bl@/ > >Comments, anyone?
Maybe use /3:`/ (or /@:`/ or even simple /a`/) instead of /@/ at rhe end of syllables... or aspiration of the consonant before (or the vowel itself?). (Am I revealing my new found interest in rhotics and laryngeal theory (& abuse)? Blame it on a Russian polyglot fiend-friend of mine...) HUMOUR::
>MISSING: 57 Larynxes > > In a tragic accident today, 57 of UM's sopranos lost their larynxes >in a freak accident. "It was heart-wrenching," one of the luckier sopranos >told us in an exclusive interview. "We were rehearsing Mahler's 2nd symphony, >and were fine until we got to the last part. Then some of the lazier people >who really ought to be mezzos but sing soprano so they can sing the melody >had to hit the high B flat... all of the sudden, their larynxes flew out >of their noses, a few of which hit the conductor and resulted in a mild >concussion" the soprano sobbed. > > Officials are baffled; why didn't the conductor do anything to >prevent this accident? According to various eyewitnesses, warning signs >were apparent days before the mass spontaneous combustion. "The vibrato >was so wide you could drive a Mac truck through it," said one alto who >chose to remain unidentified. Her companion described the vibrato as having >"all the grace and charm of a machine gun being operated by an epileptic >in a seizure." > > Clean-up operations commence Friday.
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