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The Forbidden Expariment

From:Alex C. <lista2@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 24, 1999, 14:47
Well, many of you are perhaps bold conlangers lucky enought to have just
a conlanger as husband/wife. I admit I'd love to marry a conlang-freak
lady but I've never met one "in real life". I'm not married nor have
children but I guess some of you share your lives with conlang-loving
partners and have thought on the possibility of performing what I call
"the forbidden experiment". I know this sounds somewhat like "final
solution" or a Dr. Mengele experience but it's nothing to do with that.
In ancient times the forbidden experiment consisted in keeping a baby
away from human presence and see whether a sort of innate behaviours
arise. That is, when we speak about language, to see if the child starts
speaking a sort of non-taught language. The reason why this experiment
is regarded as forbidden is obvious.

I have a new version of the FE (Forbidden Experiment). I wonder whether
any of you has thought about teaching his/her conlang to his/her baby
(apart from the national language, of course). I wonder if any of you
has decided to achieve a "different" family in this way. I can see my
son asking if he can go out with girls... in lojban!! (for example)

I guess I should call my psychotherapist

Alex C.