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Judjaca Orthography

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, December 31, 2000, 18:02
Sâlôm!  (/SA'lowm/)

I'm having some problems with the latin orthography of Jûdajca.  At the
moment, i have the three emphatics /t./, /s./, and /k./ represented by
{x}, {z}, and {q} respectively.

I've decided to change {q} to {qu} when not word-final, so it'll look
more natural.

However, i don't know what to do with {x} and {z}.
/s./ is descended from sequences of [ks] (ex. _/pas./_, "peace of" <
PAX), which were originally spelled {x}.  But for some reason i decided
to use {x} in Jûdajca for /t./, coming from sequences of [kt] (ex.
_/mat.Al/, "to kill" < MACTÂRE), and use {z} for /s./, probably because
{z} seems to have been used in Latin and Greek to transliterate Hebrew
/s./ from what i've seen.

Is that plausible, that a letter would be switched from one sound to
another, and then replaced with a different letter?
Are there any suggestions for alternate schemes?  The only free letters
in the Latin alphabet for Jûdajca are {K} and {W}, and i'm trying to stay
away from adding additional diacritics, which are only macron for "long"
vowels, cedilla for fricativized stops, breve for Hebrew transliteration
consonants, and grave-falling accent for Hebrew ultrashort vowels.

-Stephen (Steg)
 "calp â huddî!  ê calp â hunnox!
  (êjh... calp â totu hussabbtâ, atja)"