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Re: New H/G lang?

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Thursday, October 14, 1999, 23:00
"Grandsire, C.A." wrote:
> Thank you for the list. How can you do a subglottal sound? I am nearly > unable to sense what I'm doing when I try to make a sound that is > further back than the uvula (except a glottal stop), and those > pharyngeal and epiglottal PoAs are a mystery for me.
Those are hard to make, it took me months to figure it out. But, once you get it, it's not very hard to make. It's impossible to say how to do it, you just have to figure it out yourself, unfortunately. As for "subglottal", I know that it is below the glottis, is that with epiglottal it's possible to force the glottis to vibrate, even with an epiglottal stop, but not with this "subglottal". -- "Cats are rather delicate creatures and they are subject to a good many ailments, but I never heard of one who suffered from insomnia." -- Joseph Wood Krutch ICQ #: 18656696 AIM screen-name: NikTailor